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We Help You Reach Your Potential

We work with our clients to create a roadmap to their success. 

The key to any organization's success is to plan for it. Too many organizations (and individuals)  get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that they neglect to plan for success. As a result, any growth they experience is accidental, and short-lived.

At GlennView, we help organizations, and individuals, plan for success and create intentional growth through leadership development, strategic planning, and public relations.

Jeff Glenn

Jeff is the CEO of GlennView. He is an independently certified coach, teacher, and speaker, holding advanced certifications with the John Maxwell Team and the Maxwell Method of DISC. He has an extensive history of leadership positions in government and private industry.

Jeff's ability to draw upon his own successes and failures throughout a dynamic personal and professional life allows him to connect with audiences and clients to assist them in their growth. His insight and intuition in the areas of leadership development, organizational development, strategic planning, public policy, and grassroots efforts are the winning combination to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Tracey Glenn

Tracey is the President of GlennView. She is an independently certified coach, teacher, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. She also holds advanced certifications with True Colors International.

Having spent most of her career in public relations, she has a unique understanding of how to carefully craft and deliver the perfect message. Tracey's knowledge of leadership development and the impact of personality on personal and organizational success, her ability to engage people in learning, and her extensive experience with successful issue campaigns provide the perfect platform for furthering your success.

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Each of our clients is unique, and possesses their own blend of strengths, challenges, needs, and dreams. We work with them to provide customized solutions to achieve their success. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss your goals and objectives. 

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